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Difference between vBulletin, XenForo and Invision board


Vbulletin is a software that is loaded onto a web server to allow to create and manage online forums or discussion boards. It is designed and developed by jelsoft enterprises limited. If you have spent a little time on the web, you will undoubtedly come across a variety of discussion areas on websites that allow visitors to interact to each other. These discussion areas are generally known as ‘forums’, ‘boards’, or ‘community’ and they are becoming very popular.
Vbulletin does for more than build a discussion area. Vbulletin is a complete solution to be community needs of website owners. It’s a commercial product which perhaps rules it out for the smaller, more low-key websites. Although if they have an eye to future growth, then they might do well choosing a product that will grow with them right from the start.
Another big feature of Vbulletin is that because of its popularity there are huge number of add-ons and modifications available, some commercial but many available free. This means that you need not be stuck with a discussion board that looks, feels, and behaves like all other discussion board on the web.
Stability and performance under load are another feature essential to the developers of Vbulletin. Jelsoft is proud to have been able to test Vbulletin with over 1000 users involved in board discussions at once under immense loads. The site owner does not need to worry about too many posts slowing the board down with Vbulletin, as Vbulletin has been checked and shown to run smoothly with more than 30 million posts in the database.
  • Versatile
  • Performance
  • Customizable
  • Easy to maintain

In PHP, Vbulletin is written, making it fast, powerful, and able to run on a wide range of hosting platforms. Shared hosting offers the cheapest alternative, while semi-dedicated hosting solutions have a higher price for more capacity. Completely dedicated servers, but at a significantly increased cost, provide the greatest speed, capacity, and versatility. For storing data and settings, Vbulletin uses a MySQL database. You can store Avatars and CSS stylesheets (controlling the discussion board formatting) either in the database or in the file system. Similarly, it is possible to insert attachments and store them in either the database or the server file system.
It is completely scalable Vbulletin. The database server and the web server can reside on separate computers for ultimate power and flexibility. Any framework that can support PHP and MySQL can be run on Vbulletin (which means that you have a wide choice, ranging from Linux and Windows to Solaris, BSD, and Macintosh). XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant is all client-side code, giving clear and stable outcomes in almost all modern web browsers.


No matter whether your site is small or large, you don't want to wait around for stuff to happen. With speed in mind, Vbulletin is built so you and your users won't be stuck waiting for pages to load, whether on a dial-up modem or a broadband link.
Vbulletin’s offers following,
Speedy page loading, Interface Responsive, Expeditious Searches (thanks to effective indexing of the content) (thanks to effective indexing of the content), Instantly accessible new/edited posts-no delays!
Customizable The customization of Vbulletin is simple and quick. The interface can be updated with a minimal knowledge of online programming languages thanks to a variety of in-built tools.
Vbulletin’s offers following, All the code for the gui is conveniently stored as different templates in a template system. Users can also choose the look they want and use it. No need to mess around with text editors and FTP with an integrated template editing interface. Full access, via a custom gui, to all the board settings. Most built-in text is stored as sentences, which makes it simple to customize or add multi-lingual support. The ability to produce and store various styles that can be added to various forums and users. In all models, conditionals are supported. This enables you to write code that is strong and flexible.

Easy to maintain

To keep it running correctly, even the most secure discussion board needs maintenance every so often. Also, because it is the information stored in the discussion board that forms the community's backbone, it is important to back up and restore data.
Features that Vbulletin provides include,
Built-in backups of databases, backup type, and repair functions for a table. A Job Scheduler that allows several administrative resources to be run automatically. Extensive statistics on the board (numbers of users, new users, new posts, new threads, and much more). Automatic post pruning to maintain a manageable database size. Extensive configurations for servers and options for optimization.
Other features. For both the end users and the forum administrators and moderators, Vbulletin includes a whole host of other functions. We will be looking at a variety of them over the course of the novel.

Here are some other features that provided by Vbulletin’s,

Function of Private Messaging .Smiles and avatars in depth .Separate and function-rich panels for administrator, moderator, and user access .Printer-friendly thread versions and posts .Open linear, threaded, and hybrid show views for threads .Calendar installed incomprehensive, user-based authorization scheme, user community, or forums .Moderation queues for enrollment and uploading of users .Attachments, complete with thumbnails for a preview .Private forums, private forums .Rating and Notes of Consumers

Here is given a comparison through the diagram



XenForo is a software kit for commercial Internet forums written in the programming language of PHP. The app was developed by Kier Darby and Mike Sullivan, former lead developers of Vbulletin. In October 2010, the first public beta update of XenForo was released, and the stable version was released on March 8, 2011.[1] The software provides many features for search engine optimization (SEO). Chris Deeming joined the production team on November 12, 2014. One of his products joined the XenForo product family, Xen Media Gallery, now XenForo Media Gallery.[2].XenForo is a community forum hosting application based on PHP that is intended to be deployed on a remote web server. It's close to phpBB, vBulletin, YaBB, and Easy Computers Forum applications from other web-based forums. XenForo is a proprietary product that is open source for many other common forum hosting software programmes. XenForo is differentiated by its built-in incentive scheme
from other systems. This enables users to gain points, such as helpful posts, for making positive contributions. for example, Users will earn awards for completing a certain number of posts. This brings to web forums an aspect of gamification. The concept behind this is that a culture will be fomented by the incentives. A forum is not successful if no one posts on it and forum users can prevent it from being a ghost town if they remain adequately inspired.

Invision board

You can create an online forum for your customers with the Invision Board (IPB) - creating a community around your business. Most hosts can support the IPB, but you need to understand the requirements. It is important to buy and mount the Invision Board on your server or to host it through Invision Power Services. PHP 7 and MySQL 5.6, plus support for non-default PHP extensions, are the hosting specifications. In the event that your forum traffic spikes, you'll want a host with high uptime and scalable plans. Invision Board (also commonly known as IP Board or IPB) is a PHP-built Internet forum Programmed signed to make it easy for users to communicate and easy for site owners to manage. With the rise of social media, Internet users now leap at the opportunity to debate goods, services and ideas with each other from every corner of the globe.

Now we are going to the comparison Vbulletins vs XenForo vs Invision board,

Looking at vBulletin vs. XenForo vs. IPB's overall fight, it's important to thoroughly compare all three. Those considering either of these three options for their forum ought to discuss the project's unique requirements and needs. While one may be best for the majority, another option may better address the unique needs of your project.
Features of vBulletins
VBulletin is well-known and commonly used by many. It comes with several features that meet your needs for a robust forum capable of offering social functionality that properly engages clients. Here is a list of the features that are most relevant.
  • Real time interaction
  • Facebook integration
  • Extensive content generation
  • Streamlined videos and pictures
  • Built in SEO
  • Easy to setup (in about 15 minutes)
  • Easy editing tools
  • Customized templates
  • Strong security
  • Top-notch support
  • API extensions
  • Powerful paid add-ons
  • Available mobile version
With a large community and endless add ons, themes and plugins available, vBulletin is the oldest and most popular of the three.

Features of XenForo

With the battle of vBulletin vs. XenForo vs. IPB, XenForo fits right in. It's a top contender and offers may excellently features for the best possible community experience. Some of the key characteristics include
  • Social engagement through earning trophies
  • A “like” system
  • Email alerts
  • Built in SEO
  • Use of semantic HTML and embedded microdata
  • Human readable URLs
  • Simple color editing
  • Ability to edit HTML and CSS
  • Recent activity stream
  • Tons of add-ons
XenForo lets you take care of any customizations yourself, whether you want to write your own add-ons or customize the code of your forum. Although XenForo is a fairly new app, its popularity is rapidly gaining.

Features of Invision board

Of those in the vBulletins vs XenForo vs IPB, IPB may be the least well-knwon. This system, however still provides a lot of features, including:
  • Unlimited forums and subforums
  • Password protection for forums
  • Drag and drop forum ordering in the adminPC
  • Pinned topics, polls and topic rating
  • HTML or rich post formatting
  • Embed videos automatically
  • Multiquote capability
  • Super moderator support
  • Tag cloud support
  • Anonymous sign in
  • Follow features
  • Import RSS feeds
  • Visual ski editor
  • Customization options
For those looking to start forum, this powerful framework offers plenty of great features. IPB is full of great characteristics and definitely belongs to the debate.
The price of all three is similar. However, IPB and XenForo may seem less expensive, at first. Both come with a cheaper upfront licensing free, but to get the same power as vBulletin, you will need to purchase add-ons. Overall, the price of all three is about the same.

The Overall Winner and Recommendations
When it comes to a paid forum script, many will choose vBulletins because of the vast community of users ready to help support you. It's easy to find how to articles, guides and videos about the features of vBulletn. XenForo and Invision board don’t have the same large community to support the software. But they both provide their own support. Many of the users of IPB swear it’s the best and for good reason. Advanced users will find it easier to work with and easier to customize than either vBulletin or XenForo.
XenForo has become a bit lost within the tree because it has not been developed at the same level as IPB or vBulletin. Just looking at the features, vBulletin fits better for the beginner, while XenForo tries to target all users and IPB is the best choice for the advanced users. Choosing the right paid forum script certainly is not easy and each has their advantages. Overall, IPB is the best choice for the most, but vBulletin comes in a very close second. XenForo just does not have the same support and is not completely up-to-date with the other two, but it's still a great system.


Hosting the forum script

No matter which of the three in the battle between vBulletin vs XenForo vs IPB you choose, it's important to know, shared hosting won't cut it. These ae not exactly heavy scripts, but they are too heavy for good performance on a shared hosting account. You can start with shared hosting to get things set up, but once you see your members become active, you will need at least VSP hosting. Choosing a company offering VSP and dedicated hosting options will provide the opportunity for growth, which is vital with any forum.
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