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Member Activity


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This addon provide feature of a user to monitor other user's activity base upon user's group permission

It contains 4 block that is
  • Block of member who have visited your site in last x days
  • Block of member who have posted your site in last x days
  • Block of member on thread view page who is reading thread
  • Block of member on thread view page who have read this thread
All above block are working on usergroup's permission

Usergroup permission: admincp->user->user group permissions
Set Days: admincp->options->[XB] -Member Activities

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Skrill: xenbulletins@gmail.com

Screen short:
screenshot-localhost 2017-04-30 16-41-28.png screenshot-localhost 2017-04-30 16-40-16.png screenshot-localhost 2017-04-30 16-38-30.png screenshot-localhost 2017-04-23 23-09-12.png screenshot-localhost 2017-04-23 23-08-20.png screenshot-localhost 2017-04-23 23-07-13.png screenshot-localhost 2017-04-23 23-06-16.png screenshot-localhost 2017-04-23 23-04-33.png


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Hi, thanks for your Add on.

Unfortunately the normal online view for Users and Mods in the sidebar will not update after installation.
Ist that known behaviour or a problem of my individual installation?



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help me sir member activity1.2 addons install ok but my problem (Staff Online Now) and Members Online Now automatically members list hide ?

member activity1.2 addons uninstall Staff Online Now and Members Online Now

members list ok

member activity1.2 addons install automatically members list hide

please help me sir


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May be some of your addon is conflicting with our addon i will need to debug it if you want to debug then tell me

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