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Hide / remove version string @ xenforo Resource manager add on

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Archiven, May 11, 2017.

  1. Archiven New Member

    Is there any way to hide versioning in the XFRM? would like to disable:
    • Version string
    • Version tab
    • Post Resource Update tab / function / sidebar link
    • Last version sidebar block
    • Last update date in information block in sidebar.
    Possibly per category but a global disable would be an useful alternative.

    Related suggestion/bug here.
  2. xenbulletin

    xenbulletin Administrator Staff Member

    @Archiven yes i is possible via custom work if you are interested
  3. Archiven New Member

    Am Very interest ;) could u make it as free addon.
  4. xenbulletin

    xenbulletin Administrator Staff Member

    For Now i am busy with paid project and i also have some free ideas by some members after when i will free then i will implement it :).
  5. Archiven New Member

    Wish your project success n finish earlier. Id Love to wait ... Thanks
  6. xenbulletin

    xenbulletin Administrator Staff Member