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Fake Activity 1.5.1

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xenbulletin submitted a new resource:

Fake Activity - Show fake activity of selected or random user within specific time

This addon will show fake activities of selected or random user within specific time it shows offline user to online and it look like he is surfing forum

  • Admin can set users ids or give amount of user that will looks online.
  • On random user only members selected whose last activity within 10 days .
  • Admin can also set date range of fake activities
  • Fake activity of online user will be change after every 10 minutes
  • Online user look like surfing forum...
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xenbulletin updated Fake Activity with a new update entry:

Fake Activity

Fixed :
  1. We found security vulnerability on our addon we removed it
  2. Optimize code remove extra queries
New Feature:
  1. Add fake statics
  2. Now Admin can add fake thread count on original thread count
  3. Admin can add fake member count on original members count
  4. Admin can add fake post count on original post count
  5. User group permission who can see fake statics
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I try to buy the plugin but I don't know how to make the payment and download it.
You can help me. Thanks